The King of the Mokas . . . Bialetti

The King of the Mokas . . . Bialetti

Is it really the best stove top espresso maker?

Most definately, yes!

The moka invented by Alfonso Bialetti and named after the city, Mocha,  in Yemen is the classic original design. Today the Bialetti company has several models and sizes. The 1, 3, 6, 8 cup mokas are the most popuplar. These are amounts for small espresso cups not a big American mug.  For me the 3 cup size is suitable for one person to have 2 small cups of coffee. Some people prefer this method of coffe making compared to the large professional espresso machine you can get in a coffee shop "il bar". The moka uses less pressure to push the steam through the coffee and in my opinion produces a milder coffee and at it's best  it has crema on top. Crema is the frothy caramel colored coffee on top of a cup of espresso. 

Available in the USA from $40- to $50. Other brands like Alessi, DeLonghi and no-name brands are cheaper but sometimes work and sometimes don't. They never have the consistent results the Bialetti has. 

Check out my previous blog about how to use your moka. And a 2nd blog about TLC and care instructions for your moka.

Top 3 TIPS:

  • use a low flame
  • use the right grind of coffee for the moka
  • never overheat the coffee after you've heard the girgle of coffee coming out


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