TLC For Your  New Moka

TLC For Your New Moka

A new Moka needs some TLC

The first time you use your Moka, it will be a very disappointing cup of coffee. It requires a lot of use before it can make anything worth drinking. I suggest the best Moka is the Bialetti brand.

When you clean it, you should never use soap.

Just rinse well with water. Really like any coffee maker. I've just acquired a new moka and it will take time to make it  into a great coffee maker....  at least 20 times. Each time throwing out the coffee that is bitter and has the taste of burnt plastic. I buy cheap ground coffee and make as many brews as I can in a weekend. Then constant use will eventually make it into your favorite coffee machine. 

Once it's ready then it's time to buy the good coffee. Try a classic Italian favorite. Click here  illy available on

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