What is an espresso macchiato?

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Espresso Macchiato!

What is it? I like to call it a mini cappuccino. A shot of espresso with foamy steamed  milk. You can have macchiato caldo with warm foamy steamed milk or macchiato freddo with cold milk. after 11:00am I have no problem ordering one. It's quick and cute and since I don't add sugar to my coffee, the little dollop of milk gives it sweetness. When in Italy drink coffee like an Italian. A link to the "how to" guide...

check out this classic Italian coffee for un macchiato at home... Lavazza Oro. Order a subscription to be delivered monthly.

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What is schiuma? the creamy foam on top of the coffee. How to obtain it with the classic moka? italian coffee delivered to your door

The Joy of a Cafe with Schiuma

The Modern Espresso Machine

The Modern Espresso Machine

Italian coffee delivered to your door step, improve your coffee budget. espresso, italian coffee, HH coffee, monthly coffee subscriptions. drink coffee like an Italian

The Price of Italian Coffee


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